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Konnection India Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. is a Google certified company and is selling Google Adwords in India. Konnection India gives utmost importance to its customers in making them understand how Google adwords performs and how profitable it can be for advertisers to invest into. Our primary aim has always been and will be to educate our customers about Google Adwords and its other products.Google have set Third-Party Policies we always follow these policies…

Reporting-We provide proper documenting reports at regular which includes total adwords cost, No of clicks and Impressions & accounts access to our customers.

Adwords Knowledge-We always ensure giving utmost importance in educating our team to comply with Google’s policy or for another online media platform for that matter.

Training session are kept on frequent basis for employees.

Google Guidelines followed by Konnection India Dotcom Pvt Ltd.

Third parties should at minimum provide advertisers with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level.*

Google third parties who provide any level of cost and performance reporting today should make AdWords cost and performance information easily accessible to their advertiser clients and available at the same level of detail as other reporting information. For example, if a third party provides their clients with daily cost and performance reporting at the keyword level, then they'll be required to report daily cost and performance for their clients' AdWords keywords.

For those third parties who don't provide any reporting today, they should, at a minimum, provide advertisers with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level.

All third parties primarily serving small to medium-sized clients are required to provide the Google Disclosure Notice.

We believe that it's especially important for advertisers with small to medium-sized advertising budgets -- who may not have the resources and expertise of large advertisers -- to know what they can expect when working with our third-party partners.

Third parties may not engage in unclear, deceptive, or harassing sales practices, including:

• Not spending a client's media budget in the agreed upon media, or deceptively diverting spend destined for AdWords inventory to other media.
• Claiming an ability to offer preferential discounts in the AdWords auction or to purchase keywords in bulk.
• Claiming to have an exemption from the AdWords auction.
• Implying that AdWords costs are based on the number of keywords selected and the budgets set.
• Suggesting to clients that Google sells AdWords for fixed prices (not through an auction or CPA process) when in fact they are not sold for fixed prices.
• Purposefully not using AdWords features that were agreed to with a client. For example, not using local geo-targeting when the client has asked you to target the ads locally.
• Advertising for or having other people take Google AdWords Certification Program exams on your behalf.
• Harassing advertisers to use your services by, for example, cold calling potential advertisers repeatedly, not respecting an advertiser's marketing or email opt-out preferences, or putting undue pressure on them to sign up or stay with your agency.

Third parties may not misrepresent their relationship to Google, including:

• Claiming to be contacting advertisers on behalf of Google.
• Claiming to be Google.
• Claiming a third-party program status with Google -- for example, a Google Certified Partner or AdWords Premier SMB Partner (unless so authorized by Google).
• Claiming or implying that you have a special working relationship or partnership with Google.
• Claiming that Google gives you a discount or special pricing (unless you qualify for API preferred pricing status).
• Claiming that Google gives you access to special ad positions.

Not make improper guarantees about Google to your clients, including:

• Selling AdWords as permanent positions or priority-listing, or selling AdWords as “listings” when in fact they are not.
• Misrepresenting free placement products, such as Google Places, as pay-for-insertion products.
• Confusing, intentionally or unintentionally, search results and ads.
• Claiming that you can guarantee top placements in Google, or that ads will appear in Google Search at all times.
• Implying that you may sell Google AdWords features such as geo-targeting, YouTube ads, and location extensions in countries where that feature is not available.

Google's branding guidelines

• Using Google brand features in any way that isn't consistent with Google's brand-usage guidelines -- for example, displaying a Google brand feature as the most prominent element on your web page.
• Using the Google AdWords Certification badge in a manner prohibited by the Certification program brand-usage guidelines -- for example, using the Google AdWords Certification badge on the same page as a Search Engine Optimization product.
• Selling mostly search engine optimization while claiming that client's spend is mostly for AdWords.

Not improperly use AdWords accounts, or AdWords marketing or sales material, including:

• Using an AdWords account for more than one advertiser. A different Google AdWords account is required for each client that is being serviced by the third party. You may not mix clients in an account, for example, by setting up different campaigns for clients in one account.
• Erasing or destroying AdWords accounts of advertisers that you are about to lose.
• Branding AdWords marketing or sales material as your own (unless authorized by Google).
• Offering AdWords vouchers or coupons in return for payment.
• Offering AdWords vouchers or coupons for the primary purpose of collecting email addresses and or other improper purposes.

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