Ethical SEO Techniques Unplugged

It is rightly said that ‘great companies deserve to be found not searched for’. Many SEO experts would agree on this point because ethical SEO practices matters and can be accomplished in online marketing. Today ethical SEO is the USP for various agencies and consultants.

Here are some thumb rules to carry out the acceptable standards of online marketing and by following these you can succeed in the internet world.

The SEO code of ethics is a much debated topics like politics or religion but there are more than two sides of this aspect. All sides need to be strongly opinionated and rarely two paths are same to get the desired results.

Search Engines Have a Road Map

Do you agree with this? Well most of us will because major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have certain guidelines which they follow, like description of the kind of content used, technical suggestions, quality content, list of promotion techniques and how to organize a website for better inclusion? These are not all-inclusive hence; you can do an array of things to improve your search engine rankings.

Concentrate on Areas That will Work

SEO techniques are not derived from a cookie-cutter which means that they are not same and all websites require a different approach. Some techniques are basic but the ethical ones need lot of focus to improve organic traffic. You can start by optimizing the title, alt attributes and use proper keywords but for a non-performing websites these rules are going to help. Use more effective techniques like building links with good quality websites and writing worthy content.

Separate Non-SEO Items

In SEO only a well-designed website along with user experience will not matter much because a great content always helpful. Therefore it is important to segregate SEO from non-SEO things. The ultimate goal is to bring in more visitors, sales revenue, ROI etc. As you start working you will observe a number of beneficial opportunities that have nothing to do with SEO.

Set Realistic Expectations

Yes it is true that you want your clients or employer to stay engaged so telling them something which they do not want to hear can make you lose your job or contract. It does not mean that you need to do overselling early which might lead to underperforming results. In other words, SEO is like a cold war because you never know what extra your competitors are doing. Set some realistic expectation for your clients because SEO can take somewhere between six months to six weeks to get the desirable results.

Adhere to Sustainable Practices

Some years back getting links from all kinds of websites was a furor.  But today, the SEO professionals prefer to go for paid guest blogging because buying professional copyrighted content is important. Writers profited in this most because they were paid to insert links on the behalf of the employers and clients. Therefore it is important to stick to sustainable practices because short term goals are in sync with the business targets of your clients or employer.

Honor the Personal Ethics of Your Staff

Some agencies take all kinds of clients but to your staff some projects might be offensive and illegitimate. Do not force them to work on such websites and respect their values. It is not a good idea to clash the personal ethics of your employees.

The kind of SEO ethics which you want to follow completely depends on individuals so post in the techniques that you use for your websites.

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