Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performances (Part II)

Most businesses do not have much time to check their Google AdWords Account. Since it is the main source of revenue you can always tweak your sponsored ads to get the best results. Here are few things which you can do to improve your Google AdWords.

Alter Ad Sitelinks

The Ad Sitelinks broaden the value of your present ad by providing an additional link to specific and relevant content within your website. Rather than sending the users to the same landing page the Ad Sitelinks will display up to four additional destination URLs for the users to choose from. This means that on an average the advertisers will get to see 30% of click through rate (CTR) for the same ads within the Ad sitelinks.

Make Longer Headlines for your Google AdWords

Now you can display more information by optimizing your Google AdWords. For this take description from the first line and show it along with headline. It has been observed that ads with longer headlines receive 6% average increase in CTR in comparison to the same ads with standard heading. To make sure that your ad will appear with a longer headline make sure that the description is a complete phrase or sentence and ends in punctuation.

Link your Ad to Google Places Account

One of the best ways to extend your AdWords campaigns dynamically is through location extensions. Added to the description lines and URL that appear in your ad text, your ad can also display your business name, address as well as phone number. This helps to promote your business brand, services and products within the specific location of interest to the user. It is one of the quick and easy means to make sure all location information available to you is relevant.

Get Certified by your Customers

Seller rating extension makes it convenient for potential customers to identify which advertisers are highly rated for their quality service. The seller rating is gathered from reputable sources. This information helps people to take more informed and purchasing decisions. The seller rating improves your ad performance by giving qualified leads. They display the star rating along with the reviews that the website has received.

Link Merchant Account with Google AdWords

Product extension is the way to feed your existing Google Adwords. By linking your ads and Merchant Center Accounts, you will be able to surface your products directly in Product Listing Ads. They are one of the best ways to highlight your products directly in the search ads. You will be charged with same cost-per-click (CPC) whether the user clicks on the main ad or any other offers within the product extension plusbox.

Google AdWords is one of the fantastic ways to drive traffic to your landing page so don’t get fooled by publishing a couple of ads and watching the traffic pour in. with right recipe you can get incredible ROI from an AdWords campaign.

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