Do These Shameful SEO Mistakes Form Part Of Your Strategies?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a task that seems to be very easy to do, but is in reality very technical. There are a number of individuals who claim to offer quality SEO services, just by reading the techniques online. Hiring these beginners can harm you in multiple ways. There are some shameful mistakes many 'self acclaimed' SEO experts make.

Keyword Stuffing

There can be nothing bad than a website overly stuffed with keywords.

If asked personally, I will immediately leave a website, where I just find nothing except a bunch of keywords. I am sure; you will also hate a bad website. How can you imagine that your visitors will like your website having nothing to offer except keywords repeated over and over again?

The basic aim of doing this is to attract Google, and for sure it will get attracted, but not to give you high rankings, just to kick you out from the search results. The rule also applies in PPC campaigns. Many SEO companies offering PPC services in India also stuff their campaigns with keywords, whereas that short limit can be used to give precise and informative message.

Copy paste

Copied copy is equally sinful in SEO as it was in school. You will find many websites that have just copy pasted content from other websites.

This is like a crime for Google, which might result into de-indexing of your website. If you find it difficult to write original content, you can take help of professional writer, but don't commit the mistake of copying it from someone else.

Same content at different locations

Besides copying content from someone else, using the same content at multiple locations also drive the same wrath of Google algorithms. Search engines face a number of problems due to duplicacy of content, including:

  • Selection of right version for search query
  • Inclusion and exclusion of a particular version from indices
  • Selection of a version to spread across the variations

This can not only help you get lower rankings, but can also drive the traffic away from the site. This rule also applies for the companies offering Google AdWords services in different parts of the country like Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai etc.

Avoiding analytics

If you really have a clear business objective, you can never ever commit mistake of ignoring analytics. You must measure the website data to find out the areas need improvement or more efforts to perform well.

As it is a technical task, you might not be able to perform it properly. It's better to hire a professional and most important a reliable SEO company to get this done. You can get regular reports to keep a check on terms helping you get more conversions.

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