Uncover The Secret Of Higher Rankings By Combining Seo And Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of online marketing. A website is of no value if it can’t be found in search engines. Business owners make a lot of efforts and investment to get higher rankings in search engine. And those looking for easy options to get found in search engines and get more traffic with fewer efforts opt for Google AdWords.

If both the methods serve same objective, what’s the difference between these?

The major difference between SEO and Google AdWords is that in the former you convince Google that your website is superior and more relevant than competitors to get higher rankings and in later you pay Google to get the top position in the list.

Now you must be thinking, which is more important SEO or Google AdWords?

I would say both have their own significance and if brought together, these can give you exceptional results. I know you might be thinking how can it be possible, as both are completely opposite of each other. Experienced SEO companies in Delhi also have hands on Google AdWords and know how to combine the power of two to get maximum benefits from online marketing.

If done properly SEO and PPC campaigns can augment results with enduring effect on website ranking. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns help you get top three rankings in paid ads and if it is supported by higher organic rankings, it works as a cherry on the cake. It will drive more traffic to your site and strengthen your position against competitors.

There are various benefits you can get by using Google AdWords for SEO. Find below some of them:

Better keywords: Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. AdWords proves to be very helpful in finding those unexpected keywords, which users generally search for. The only secret of getting higher rankings in search engine is to work on keywords visitors are searching for, not the ones you think best.

Improved CTR: Do you want to get better Click Thru Rate (CTR)? Yes, obviously!! There can be no better option than using Google AdWords. Sometimes you might find it difficult to convert the visitors into customers due to low CTR. PPC is one of the best ways to monetize the traffic and get improved CTR with existing rankings. The combination of title and description you use for paid campaigns can also be used for website to maximize organic search CTR.

Google AdWords and SEO both are very essential for success of your online business. You can further ensure unexpected returns by hiring professional online marketing and PPC Company functioning in different cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad etc.

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