Top 5 Ways to Boost your AdWords Campaign (Part I)

Creating a Google AdWords campaign does not cost an arm or a leg. Read some tried and tested methods to improve the ROI on your AdWords campaigns.

According to Google, you don’t necessarily have to set out a huge investment on Adwords to get maximum pay-per-click advertising. This is because even with a small daily budget you can ensure that the money does not go down the drain. At least you can try to figure out if right people are clicking on your AdWords campaign.

In this way you can find out how your business is breaking all barriers and your AdWords campaign is reaching the right customers of audience. Check out some practical and useful tips for your AdWords success.

Have a Crystal Clear Goal

It is the most important part of search engine marketing (SEM) is to have a distinct goal which helps to connects buyers and sellers in the business arena. The main aim of Google AdWords is to increase sales as compared to brand awareness which is tough to measure.

With these aspects in mind the advertiser should know what specific action they are trying to get their target market like making an online purchase, completing a lead form or calling the sales team. Therefore before you live with your campaign identify your goals and know how to measure your results.

Keep the Target Audience in Mind

When you are creating your ads follow the AIDAS principle of advertising. This is the abbreviated form of “attract the attention of your audience” which raises the interest of the customer convinces them they should go for their product. This leads the customers towards taking a particular action and a satisfaction if they choose to purchase the product.

Do not Mislead your Customers

It is important that your ads are directed to the landing page. The top targeted keywords should be used in the content so that they are included in the landing page and in the text ads. Don’t misguide your audience and make sure that each ad group is relevant for the landing page you are promoting and it is displayed for relevant queries.

Use Negative Keywords

Make sure you target the negative keywords in your AdWords campaign. These are the keywords related to other keywords of the campaign but are not related to what has been advertised? This further qualifies the ad within the campaign and is not visible to the users who do not find them relevant. The negative keywords help to contour your ads by showing them on relevant pages.

Keep Your Ads Targeted

Enforce all three types of keywords which are exact match, phrase match and broad match into your targeted plan of action. Bid the most for the exact keyword match and at least for broad match keywords. To keep the category well- coordinated separate ad groups by keyword type.

Further, you can also use geo-targeting so that your ads run in a particular geographical location. You can also target your ads as per the relevancy of your website like manufacturers, machines, automobiles etc. Target your ads by certain kind of web behavior like the visited websites which are relevant for your business. You can also choose to place your ad on a particular website to gain relevant traffic.

In next part we would be sharing more ways to make your Google AdWords campaign stand out of the rest.

Do you have any other ways to gain traffic for your website and get maximum inquiries through Google AdWords?

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